This was the final project to build a database in my SQL class. We weren't required to create an overly complex database but we had to demonstrate different types of scripts to view, insert, edit, and delete records and create 3 tables that were all fully normalized with constraints.

I chose to make a database of the San Diego Chargers roster with 53 players, since that's the number on the final roster when the season starts. There are columns for the player number, player name, position, height, weight, years of experience, and the college attended.

We were not required to pull the data onto a webpage but I wanted to go the extra step since I was also taking a PHP class at the time. In a later update, I added the ability to add or delete players so you can update the roster as the season goes on and I added a plugin to make the columns sortable.

Chargers Roster Webpage

Github Repo

  • SQL,
  • PHP,
  • HTML5,
  • CSS3