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"KING OF GGPO" start time moved to 10PM PST for all tournaments.

We’re moving all the tournaments to the 10PM PST start time, as that worked out really well for the Round 1 qualifiers with no connection issues.

Please make sure your ports are forwarded correctly and is tested beforehand.  Anyone with connection problems due to this will not be allowed to participate.




Apologies for the late start as Sabin had transportation problems.  We started the tournament a few minutes late with the stream starting about an hour after the start of the tournament. The top 8 was streamed and I will have videos up soon.  All in all, the tournament ran pretty smoothly but we’ll iron out what kinks we hid have and next week should run much smoother.

 SliceEveryone advances to the FINALS.

1st SliceEveryone Boxer

2nd -TheBastard- Zangief

3rd Krost O. Ken

4th djfrijoles Ken

5th CigarBob Ken

5th Megaman3D Claw

7th kyouya Dictator

7th ultracombo O. Sagat

Special Thanks:

Sabin – For the awesome stream
Papasi – For his big help with running brackets
Mizuki & Skisonic for providing commentary.
Ponderof course, for GGPO!




A tool-assisted combo video for Super Street Fighter II Turbo which Premiered at Red Fight District 2011.


ST Round Table Podcast


Here’s something cool:  a Super Turbo Round Table Podcast from the dontblowthis crew:


There’s a discussion thread about the video on the DBT forums.


The "KING OF GGPO" Tournament



It’s time GGPO had a “MAJOR” tournament and a “KING”.

Three qualifying tournaments.  Three finalists.  A RACE TO TEN.  One “KING”.

Matches will be streamed by the one and only Sabin/nycfurby!


Details and registration here.


ST tournament videos from Season's Beatings


I’ve uploaded some notable matches from the High Roller’s ST Tournament from Season’s Beatings and you can find them here:


The archived stream is here and here.


Season's Beatings ST Results - Damdai takes it!



Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – High Rollers Tournament

1st Damien “Damdai” Dailidenas O. Hawk / O. Ken

2nd Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi Claw

3rd Justin Wong O. Sagat / Chun-Li / Ryu

4th Cheeseface Immortal Claw / Chun-Li

5th Jason “AfroCole” Cole Dhalsim / O. Ken

5th Nomrah E. Honda

7th James “jchensor” Chen Cammy

7th Chris Gamble E. Honda


Videos coming soon!

ST Stream @ Season's Beatings - Oct 15th @ 8AM PST


Super Turbo will be on the Season’s Beatings main stream early this morning @ 8AM.


Upcoming ST \ HDR Tournaments


October is a busy month for SF2 tournaments.  Check out the upcoming tournaments:


10.08.11 – HD Remix @ DEVASTATION

10.15.11 – Super Turbo @ Season’s Beatings Velocity – Featuring Tokido/Damdai/DGV

10.22.11 – Super Turbo @ Dromstruction


T.R.U.S.T - Japanese

This is a Japanese version of the T.R.U.S.T. writeup.  Thanks to XSPR for the assistance!

You can read the English writeup here.



あなたは家庭用格闘ゲームにある機能のトレーニングモードというものを使った事がありますか? ゲームによっては特定状況や特定行動を繰り返し練習する事が可能でした(VF4evo PS2)等。 今までスパ2Xに関しては家庭用は勿論としてPC上でもこれが実現されていませんでしたが これを実装したのがTRUSTになります。

友人に頼んで特定行動を繰り返して貰い練習した経験のある方はいませんか? (例)小波動拳の後に大波動を最速で打って欲しい

このツールを使えばそれを一人で練習出来ます。また1/60秒単位で制御が可能です。 また制御するのは1P側、2P側片方だけでなく、両方同時に行えます。