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Congratulations to DamdaiImmortalBMW and Riz0ne for winning spots on the US SBO team today at Midwest Championships!  Let’s go US team!

SBO thread @ Shoryuken



Training Regimen Under Super Turbo

TRUST is a program written by David Boudreau (XSPR).  He has graciously written up this article to help explain the program.

A few websites have offered various ways to get better at ST for some years now, such as Street Fighter Dojo which offers a comprehensive list of videos for any given character match-up;  You browse to find a particular character’s match-up, and see what strategies and counters that some of the best players employ.  There are also many tutorial videos available, demonstrating particular attacks or tactics like option selects or combos, with helpful features such as displaying inputs and replaying the tricky parts in slow-motion.  Console ports of fighting games also have training modes.

Watching videos can give you an idea of what to do, but does not offer you the context of playing in an actual match to put it into practice and become familiar with actually Executing it.

While a training mode is the true test for self improvement for that shortcoming, no console port offers much in terms of features in this department to test the particular scenario you want to create (outside of very simple options such as making the dummy character jump straight up, crouch or block etc).

TRUST is a program designed to address this gap and lets you customize your own training mode particular to any given scenario that you want to practice.  It even comes with a number of lessons built-in, which offer a kind of “missing manual” that never came with the game itself.

Read the full article here.




This year’s SBO ST qualifiers are being held this weekend at Midwest Championships in Nashville, TN.  Unfortunately, the event will not be streamed but it looks like matches will be recorded.  Good luck to everyone trying to make Team USA!

MWC Tournament thread on SRK

MWC Facebook page




The results from the Super Turbo tournament at NorCal Regionals are in.  Daigo pulls it out over Valle in the finals. Great job Fudd, Papasi, Mizuki and company on running another successful ST tourney!


1st Daigo Umehara (ウメハラ)

2nd Alex Valle

3rd Fudd

4th Steven “Starkilled” Griggs

5th Ultracombo

5th Thrust

7th DJ Reign

7th Saitou

9th Faisal

9th papasi

9th hundred dollars

9th Georam

13th Vestax

13th Moses

13th Kevin Y

13th Shinobio

17th Mr. Igloo

17th L2P

17th murderman

17th Tyram

17th Phobos

17th Jose Martifj

17th Mizuki

17th bitkid

25th Eric N.





Watch live video from NorCal Regionals ST on


Watch live video from NorCal Regionals ST on

ST Stream @ NorCal Regionals

Papasi, Mizuki and company will be attempting to stream the NCR ST tourney tomorrow @ 1PM.

Go check it out!


A few more ST videos from Revelations

Here are more videos from the ST tournament at Revelations courtesy of RufusSRK. 8)






Three days away from the ST tournament @ NCR


Three days away! All you Nor Cal ST and SF2 fans, go hit up the Super Turbo Tournament @ NorCal Regionals this Saturday. The ST scene is enjoying a nice resurgence lately but still needs all the support it can get. :)

NCR Super Turbo Tournament website




Fudd put up a whole slew of videos he took at Revelations. Here’s the playlist.



Here are the recordings from the stream. Sorry, there’s no audio.





The Super Turbo Tournament is over and it was a great event! The collection of talent on hand was amazing! Daigo put on a great performance with Boxer and showed why he is still “the Beast” in ST. Sako took his option select T. Hawk all the way to the finals only to come up short against Daigo. AfroLegends and Alex Valle, who have a history of placing high in ST tournaments, did so again, placing 3rd and 4th respectively. Synco and Moocus were on fire and tied for 5th. DGV and Digital Infamy added two more shotos to the top eight.

Big thanks to DGV (Ken and Ty), who organized the tournament and gave us SF2 lovers yet another reason not to let ST die. Papasi for his hard work both before and during the tournament. Rufus for being the technical guru and recording matches. Fudd for also recording matches and lending assistance. Zaspacer and Street Fighter Dojo for the contribution to the prize pot, as well as the anonymous donor who pitched another hundred dollars to the pot! Nekohashi for his help with coordinating with the Japanese players. Revelations, Tournament Legacy and Level | Up for allowing us to hold this tournament. And Alex Valle for his support and giving us his valuable time to help with the tournament as well as participating.

And thank you to everyone who showed up and participated. The SF2 community is proud!


1st Daigo Umehara Ryu / Boxer

2nd Sako O Hawk / Ryu

3rd AfroLegends Boxer / Dee Jay

4th Alex Valle Ryu

5th Synco Ken

5th Moocus Ken / T. Hawk

7th DGV Ryu

7th Digital Infamy Ryu

9th Zaspacer Dictator

9th Nekohashi (ねこはし) Ryu

9th Rice247 Ryu / Fei Long

9th Voltech Chun-Li

13th Paro-da

13th FMLA

13th kuroppi E. Honda / Zangief

13th Muffin Man Dee Jay

17th Fromo Blanka

17th Hugo101 Boxer

17th Axel Kelly Boxer

17th L2P

17th DNGR S PAPERCUT T. Hawk / Ryu

17th MonGoloRoboKop Chun-Li

17th Papasi Chun-Li

17th Laugh Dictator / Ken / O. Sagat

25th ShinJN O. Sagat / E. Honda

25th Fudd Dee Jay / Dhalsim

25th SuperFX Dee Jay

25th Mr. SNK E. Honda

25th Blood Feast Claw

25th RoTb Wicked Dictator

25th EA Megaman E. Honda / Boxer

25th Brian McAllister Claw / Zangief

33rd Sweet JV Dhalsim

33rd Bernie Chun-Li

33rd Mr. Igloo Blanka

33rd Frank Fresh Ryu