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A tool-assisted combo video for Super Street Fighter II Turbo which Premiered at Red Fight District 2011.


Dromstruction HDR (Classic Mode) Results + Videos


This tournament kind of went under the radar and as a result had a bit of a small turnout but congrats to Fudd for winning the Dromstruction HDR (Classic Mode) round robin tournament!

1st Fudd Dhalsim / Dee Jay

2nd Romeo Boxer / O. Sagat

3rd Ricky Ortiz O. Sagat / Chun-Li

Recorded stream archive here and here.


ST Round Table Podcast


Here’s something cool:  a Super Turbo Round Table Podcast from the dontblowthis crew:


There’s a discussion thread about the video on the DBT forums.


The "KING OF GGPO" Tournament



It’s time GGPO had a “MAJOR” tournament and a “KING”.

Three qualifying tournaments.  Three finalists.  A RACE TO TEN.  One “KING”.

Matches will be streamed by the one and only Sabin/nycfurby!


Details and registration here.


Tournament Results Update - Season's Beatings: Velocity


Season’s Beatings: Velocity, which has just concluded, has been added to the Tournament Results Database.


HDR Results from DEVASTATION (Better late than never!)


Oops, I meant to post this earlier in the week but got sidetracked and it completely slipped my mind.

Yes, it’s not ST but all SF2 events should get the community’s support.  Congrats to Alex Valle for taking the championship!


1st Alex Valle Ryu

2nd OyaJimmy Blanka

3rd Miles O’Keefe Cammy

4th Pete “EA Megaman” Brubaker E. Honda / Boxer

5th Cesar “MonGoloRoboKop” De Alba Cammy / Chun-Li / Sagat

5th Coffee Claw

7th Calixar E. Honda / Chun-Li

7th L2P Dee Jay


The archived HDR tournament stream is  here.

These results and the rest of the DEVASTATION 2011 lineup can be found here.


ST tournament videos from Season's Beatings


I’ve uploaded some notable matches from the High Roller’s ST Tournament from Season’s Beatings and you can find them here:


The archived stream is here and here.


Season's Beatings ST Results - Damdai takes it!



Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – High Rollers Tournament

1st Damien “Damdai” Dailidenas O. Hawk / O. Ken

2nd Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi Claw

3rd Justin Wong O. Sagat / Chun-Li / Ryu

4th Cheeseface Immortal Claw / Chun-Li

5th Jason “AfroCole” Cole Dhalsim / O. Ken

5th Nomrah E. Honda

7th James “jchensor” Chen Cammy

7th Chris Gamble E. Honda


Videos coming soon!

ST Stream @ Season's Beatings - Oct 15th @ 8AM PST


Super Turbo will be on the Season’s Beatings main stream early this morning @ 8AM.


Tournament Results Update - Japanese SFIII: 3S


Japanese SFIII: 3rd Strike tournaments added to the database, including Cooperation Cup.

SFIII: 3rd Strike Cooperation Cup

Japanese SFIII Tournaments