Super Arcade Cup @ SCR


We are happy to announce that Mike Watson’s SUPER ARCADE will be sponsoring the ST tournament at SoCal Regionals: THE SUPER ARCADE CUP!

With all the support Watson has been giving the ST community here in SoCal with Wednesday Night Fights and more, this was a great way to bring Super Arcade and the SCR ST tournament together.

There are three ways to register:

  1. We have registration link on the page where you can pay through Paypal.
  2. You can register with DGV or MuffinMan at WNF.
  3. You can register on-site the day of the tournament. (Registration closes at 12PM).

For everyone who has already signed-up through the old SCR page, you’ll need to officially register through the new page.

If you’re a WNF regular, if possible, please try to register through DGV/MuffinMan in person to save on the PayPal fees on our end. :)