Apologies for the late start as Sabin had transportation problems.  We started the tournament a few minutes late with the stream starting about an hour after the start of the tournament. The top 8 was streamed and I will have videos up soon.  All in all, the tournament ran pretty smoothly but we’ll iron out what kinks we hid have and next week should run much smoother.

 SliceEveryone advances to the FINALS.

1st SliceEveryone Boxer

2nd -TheBastard- Zangief

3rd Krost O. Ken

4th djfrijoles Ken

5th CigarBob Ken

5th Megaman3D Claw

7th kyouya Dictator

7th ultracombo O. Sagat

Special Thanks:

Sabin – For the awesome stream
Papasi – For his big help with running brackets
Mizuki & Skisonic for providing commentary.
Ponderof course, for GGPO!